Meet your mechanic

Jim VanderploegJim VanderPloeg – Owner
Jim has been with Heritage since 1986. Likes hunting and fishing. Learn More…


john boezeJohn Boeze – Tech
John loves Heritage because every day is something new. Learn More…


trevor schlientzTrevor Schlientz – Tech
Trevor started with Heritage in 2010. He likes to ‘fix stuff’. Learn More…


Tom ToftTom Toft – Previous Co-Owner
Friends with Jim since High School, Tom joined Heritage in 1991. Likes making music, boating, fishing. After 25 years, Tom is now exploring his passion for boating via Yacht sales. we wish him well.


dave marksDave Marks – Former Tech
Dave came to Heritage in 2000. Sadly, Dave passed away unexpectedly while sleeping Monday, March 3rd, 2014. He will be missed.


Mechanic Humor:

When Jim worked at the dealership, he had a repair order with the complaint of a noise in the rear quarter panel. Inside he found a bottle with a note in it – it was placed there when the vehicle was built – the note asked how long it took to find the noise! They had a good laugh that day!