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When Should I Replace My Shocks?


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A better question might be, How well do you want my vehicle to perform?

If/when you can answer the ‘How’, the decision of ‘…when’ gets a whole lot easier. It becomes a matter of whether its…

  • an Optional Upgrade
  • for Maintenance
  • to Restore
  • Required / Necessary

Here’s what we mean…
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Shocks and Struts Revisited


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Most of us think shocks and struts are simply a ride comfort item… something that insulates us from the potholes and washboard roads we use. But what about safety and longevity?

Did you know that they also can improve steering control, braking distance and reduce tire wear? In fact, they can help you stop up to 10 feet sooner!
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Shocks and Struts


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When most of us think about vehicle safety we usually think about brakes first and tires second. However, there is a third and just as important safety item on your vehicle that is often overlooked… shocks and struts.

While some people think that a vehicles shocks and struts are not safety items, we beg to differ. In order for your brakes, tires, anti-lock braking system, vehicle stabilization system and any other electronic assist or computer safety system to work as intended, the tires must be in CONSTANT CONTACT with the ROAD!
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