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Summertime and Batteries


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When you think of a dead car battery, you probably think about it being the dead of winter. One frigid morning and nothing happens, but it likely began to fail months earlier.

No battery lasts forever. When you buy one, the label usually tells you how long you can expect it to last. Five to 7 years is normal – as long as the battery is operated under normal conditions.
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Batteries and the Weather


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Winter is tough on batteries, for two main reasons. Your engine is harder to turn over because all the oil inside them has turned to molasses. Combustion reactions can become more sluggish in the cold and condensation may freeze parts of the fuel line. All this demands much more current from a battery, and to add that problem, your battery cannot produce its normal amount of energy because of the cold.
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Is it My Battery, Alternator or Starter?


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My vehicle won’t start, now what?

Believe it or not, the first tool you need to use is your ears and you don’t necessarily need to even get out and raise the hood.
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How Many Filters does YOUR vehicle have?


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For most us, we would quickly answer ONE, the air filter. Some might think a bit longer and respond w/TWO, the air filter AND the oil filter.

Did you know that many vehicles have four or more filters? All that need changing periodically AND some that require special tool OR that are hidden?
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HVAC Components


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If you think of the belts under your hood like the chain on a bicycle transferring your leg energy to where it’s needed at the wheels. Now think of your vehicle’s hoses are like arteries, responsible for carrying life-sustaining coolant to the places that need it.
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Filter Changes


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So how do you like your drinking water – Clean or mixed with dirt and metal shavings? Clean, right?

Your vehicle engine would answer the EXACT same way about its oil. Similar to your home water filter, an oil filter’s job is to remove oil contaminants.  It sifts out the solid particles while allowing the oil to flow unrestricted through the engine. Likewise, over time the oil filter can become full or “clogged,” and the oil and contaminants will flow around the filter.  As a safety mechanism, the bypass is allowed because as far as your engine is concerned, dirty oil is better than none at all.
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Belts and Hoses


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Think about this: Most vehicle belts fail without warning. Now think about yourself stranded on the side of the road. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Belts and hoses are integral parts in the proper functioning of the engine. But it’s not easy to know the true condition of a belt or hose by its outward appearance, because most belts and hoses fail from the inside out. Because of that, owners are urged to replace belts, radiator and heater hoses at specific recommended intervals to prevent your car from breaking down.
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Your Battery


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Determining when you need to replace your battery can be really simple. One of the easiest (and most frustrating) ways is if your car won’t start and when you attempt to re-charge it, the battery won’t hold a charge. This makes it pretty obvious that you need a new battery.

The next most reliable way is if you find that you are having difficulty starting your vehicle in the morning. This usually happens more frequently in the winter, but hot climates can also shorten battery life. If your vehicle starter is sounding more sluggish, it might just be time for a new battery.
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Oil, Air & Cabin Filters


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So what’s all this about filters? A new oil filter keeps contaminants out of your expensive engine. A new air filter can help improve your vehicle’s performance. And a new cabin air filter protects you and your passengers from mildew, allergens and more.

Let’s look at each type of filter and when it makes sense to change them.

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Timing Belt


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Hey, know what’s scary? Most vehicles’ timing belts fail without a lot of warning. And that can leave you stranded somewhere you don’t want to be. So check your vehicle owner’s manual’s suggested mileage for timing belt replacement and talk with the experts at Heritage Service Centre.

The failure of a timing belt is one of the most common reasons why cars break down. If you are familiar with a timing belt functions and how to tell when something is wrong with it, then you can prevent more serious damage. Knowledge about timing belt symptoms will save you from being stranded by the side of a road because of a broken timing belt.

Simply put, a timing belt is a chain or belt that control the opening and closing of a car’s valves. Without a properly functioning timing belt, an engine’s pistons would cease to function and your car would be unable to run. Worn / old timing belts can no longer perform their job properly and why they can lead to performance problems with your car.

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