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Timing Belt


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Hey, know what’s scary? Most vehicles’ timing belts fail without a lot of warning. And that can leave you stranded somewhere you don’t want to be. So check your vehicle owner’s manual’s suggested mileage for timing belt replacement and talk with the experts at Heritage Service Centre.

The failure of a timing belt is one of the most common reasons why cars break down. If you are familiar with a timing belt functions and how to tell when something is wrong with it, then you can prevent more serious damage. Knowledge about timing belt symptoms will save you from being stranded by the side of a road because of a broken timing belt.

Simply put, a timing belt is a chain or belt that control the opening and closing of a car’s valves. Without a properly functioning timing belt, an engine’s pistons would cease to function and your car would be unable to run. Worn / old timing belts can no longer perform their job properly and why they can lead to performance problems with your car.

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What a great time of year this is for holiday gatherings, great food … and, ick, inclement weather.

Nearly ninety percent of all driving decisions are based on a clear view of the road, which means good visibility is absolutely essential — especially during wet weather when vision may be obscured by water, road splash, sleet or snow on the windshield.

Yet, wiper blades are one of the most neglected components on vehicles today. Many blades are cracked, split, torn, brittle, worn or otherwise in obvious need of replacement. Others may look okay, but do a lousy job of wiping when put to the test. Any blade that’s chattering, streaking or doing a lousy job of wiping is a blade that’s overdue for replacement.

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If your vehicle’s radio or air-conditioner aren’t working properly, that’s an inconvenience. But if your brakes aren’t as reliable as they used to be, that’s serious business. With school back in session and fall and winter driving right around the corner. Now more than ever, your vehicle needs great brakes you can rely on for every stop.

One of the most interesting things about vehicle brake system is that a small peddle can stop a huge vehicle with a slight push of brake pad. How it all happens is still a mystery (friction not fiction) for many people. Being “out of sight, out of mind,” the braking system on most vehicles go unnoticed… until a problem crops up.

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