Tom and Jim,

I have been a client of yours for approximately 12 years. You have serviced every car I’ve owned over that period of time from foreign to domestic and old beaters to $45,000 vehicles. I trust you with every vehicle I currently own and will continue to own. Why? You’ve earned it! Could you have sold me a new muffler? Sure, but you fixed a $1,200 part with a $60 part 3 years ago and it’s still good. Could you have changed out front and rear fluids because I asked you to? Sure, but the fluids were clean and didn’t need it yet. Could a check engine light have cost me a lot more money instead of a $45 sensor? Yep. But you did the right thing and have saved me thousands of dollars over the years by not selling me unnecessary repairs. In every case – you could have sold me something I didn’t need that day and I wouldn’t have known the difference. But you didn’t. That’s integrity. I referred my family and my friends to you over the years and will continue to do so. Anyone reading this, and I mean it when I say it, Tom and Jim do it right. They are honest. They provide great information. They do great work. I trust no one else with my cars.

Kevin Butler

Tom, Jim and the guys have kept me safely on the road for almost 24 years. Weird noises, punctured tires, big repairs or regular maintenance, referrals for glass repair and detailing – they are my go-to resource for all things ‘car’.


A testimonial to my friends at Heritage Service Centre:
Finding a good and trustworthy mechanic is like finding a knowledgeable and caring physician – you don’t let go! A friend in college introduced me to Jim and Tom when Heritage was still located on Michigan Street hill, and she had been bringing her car to them for quite a while before that.

Over the past couple decades, Tom and Jim have repeatedly given my family good work, reasonable prices, friendly explanations, and honest answers and opinions. When money is tight, they have been great at working with us to keep us safe and up and running. Most memorable
for me would have to be when they saved our 10-day vacation.

On the way out of town (just past the Leonard Street exit, of course), our car started smoking like crazy! I pulled off the expressway and called Tom. He gave me the name and number of a towing company and said, although they were busy, he’d have someone look at it right away,
knowing what our situation was. Bottom line, although we got a late start, the guys at Heritage Service Centre had us back up and off to our vacation. They were, as always, incredible.

It’s been an honor to get to know both Tom and Jim over the years. They aren’t just our mechanics – they are our friends. We’re looking forward to many more years – and Kendra will be driving soon too!! (Yikes!) We especially like to thank them with fresh baked goods on occasion as a special treat! Keep up the great work, guys, and I’ll keep baking!

Dana & Pete Lozon

Dear Jim:
This is a short letter of appreciation for your outstanding business, Heritage Service Centre. In today’s world of auto repair shops, it is really special to find an auto repair business that you can really trust. After doing business with your garage for several years and getting to know you as a person, allows me to be very comfortable with your service, your knowledge and above all, your honesty and integrity.

To anyone looking for that special mechanic in the special garage, try using Heritage Service Centre, they are excellent! It is well worth my time to drive across town to have my car serviced at Heritage.

Richard Boyce
Toering Communication Company

Dear Jim:

Thank you for the excellent service that you provide. I have brought my cars to your shop for over 5 years now and have been very happy with the advice and quality of work that you provide.

I especially appreciate the detailed explanation of the problems and solutions provided. While I don’t often understand the detail, it shows that you have taken the time to thoroughly evaluate the situation.

I will continue to recommend Heritage.

Christopher Engle, CFP, ChFC
Argus Financial Consultants

To whom it may concern:
The purpose of this letter is to endorse the services at Heritage Service Centre.

Tom, Jim and the gang have provided my family with auto repair for several years. They kept a 13 year old vehicle with almost 200,000 miles, road-ready and safe to send to South Carolina. They addressed a chronic brake problem on our favorite family vehicle and they’ve taken care of some last-minute emergencies.

They have helped me avoid purchasing a used vehicle that was a potential disaster. Their service is quick and thorough. Their advice is expert. Their prices are fair. If the ‘Car Talk’ guys worked in Grand Rapids – they would have a hard time competing with Tom and Jim.

Janet Huyser
J.L. Huyser Consulting