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Fuel Injection

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Vehicles with Gasoline Direct Induction (GDI) boast big power from a smaller, more fuel efficient engine. Highly pressurized fuel sprays directly into the hottest part of the engine’s combustion chamber, allowing more precise timing and thorough combustion. As a result, GDI engines deliver more power with less fuel and a smaller carbon footprint. However, without proper maintenance, the benefits of this sophisticated technology won’t last.

Since their inception, GDI engines have had a problem with the buildup of cooked fuel deposits that foul the injectors due to the extreme pressure and temperatures in the combustion chamber. When the injector gets covered with deposits, the fuel spray becomes insufficient stream of droplets. Without lubrication from the fuel spray, sticky oil bakes onto the piston tops. Hydrocarbon deposits can also build up in the intake ports and the backs of the valves. Buildup deposits can restrict airflow and cause significant performance decline.

Eventually these hard deposits on the piston top and valves can break off and fall into the cylinder and create small grooves in the cylinder walls. Fuel and oil seep through these grooves, causing compression loss and oil consumption.

Heritage Service Center suggests that Fuel / Air Induction Service should be performed every 15,000 miles to maintain peak engine performance and to restore power and fuel efficiency. When you see Heritage, we will:

  • Clean the fuel injectors,
  • Clean the throttle body, plenum and air intake,
  • Remove baked-on carbon from the valves, ports, piston crowns and combustion chambers,
  • Remove deposits clogging the catalytic converter

You will drive away with a vehicle that reduced emissions, better fuel efficiency, smoother idle and improved horsepower and performance.

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