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Battery Tip

Did you know the average life of a car batter in Michigan is about 3 to 5 years?

  • Do you see greenish, fuzzy stuff forming on your battery terminals?
  • Do you lose radio stations overnight?
  • Does it seem like the headlights aren’t quite as bright as they were?
  • Does the car sound sluggish when started?
  • Are the wipers moving slower?
  • Does the dash battery light come on after the car is running?

These are all symptoms of electrical system issues that should be looked at BEFORE something fails and leaves you stranded.

At Heritage Service Centre, we have the expertise to evaluate, diagnose, and repair your car’s electrical system to keep it in peak operating condition. Whether its your battery, alternator, or starter, we can provide you with the correct, high quality parts and expert installation to solve the problem! If you’re having an electrical problem, let us diagnose and repair it, so your driving will be worry-free.


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