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Change Your Wipers and Headlights

It is easy to forget to maintain your vehicle’s headlights and windshield wipers. As weather changes, the quality of these easily over-looked car parts becomes increasingly more important. Regularly change your bulbs and wiper blades as needed so you can See and be Safe.

Why/When to Change your Wipers:

If your wiper blades leave streaks and smears, or if they chatter even when there is plenty of moisture on the glass, you could need new wiper blades. If you find yourself ducking and dodging your head like a boxer trying to see out, you could need new wiper blades.

Let your eyes and common sense dictate when to change wiper blades. This is especially true living in an area where salt and sand is used on the roads – dried salt can practically make a windshield opaque. If you pull a wiper arm away from the windshield, you might find tears or cracks in the wiper blade – another sign they need replacement.

Wiper blades should be able to easily clear water, snow and slush. This does NOT mean they should be used as a plow in the winter. Blades frozen to the windscreen or trying to push heavy slush and snow can burn out a wiper motor.

Why/When to Change your Headlights:

Unless they’re visibly cracked, burnt out completely or shooting off into the sky, headlights are an item on our car that we might not realize are malfunctioning. We recommend walking around your vehicle with the lights on to check for any burnt out headlight, brake, fog and hi-beam bulbs and replace them immediately.

Nighttime driving can be dangerous – especially if your headlights have lost their clarity or fail to illuminate the low-beams or high-beams. Nighttime isn’t the best time to discover that.

For some vehicles w/ covered headlights, it might actually be time to restore the cloudy or yellowing outer cover. The headlight restoration process ensures that your headlights are shining at their brightest and your vehicle is providing you with the best possible on-road lighting. Besides the benefits of increased safety, restoring your vehicle’s headlights can transform their appearance from cloudy to clear in no time!


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