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Shocks and Struts Revisited


Most of us think shocks and struts are simply a ride comfort item… something that insulates us from the potholes and washboard roads we use. But what about safety and longevity?

Did you know that they also can improve steering control, braking distance and reduce tire wear? In fact, they can help you stop up to 10 feet sooner!

Shocks and Struts help keep your vehicle’s tires in contact with the road. A few of the vital functions they perform include:

  • Control spring and suspension movement and weight transfer
  • Reduce tire bounce, vehicle roll and sway – plus brake dive and acceleration squat
  • Help to maintain consistent handling and braking
  • Maintain wheel alignment, and reduce wear on tires and other suspension components

Brakes help you stop, but Shocks and Struts help you stop sooner. Just one (of four) 50% degraded shock can increase stopping distances by up to 10 feet under certain driving conditions (Actual distance varies on driver, vehicle, conditions, etc.).

The SAFETY TRIANGLE (Steering, Stopping, Stability) INSPECTION checks interconnected system components. Beyond tires and brakes, it includes, shocks, struts, springs, tie rod ends, ball joints and a host of other suspension and chassis parts.

If your vehicle is displaying poor steering response, cupped tires, excessive wheel bounce or sways or leans on turns OR has more than 50,000 miles… give Heritage a call! Our ASE certified technicians will inspect and evaluate your vehicles suspension system and make any recommendations based on MAP (Motorist Assurance Program) guidelines.


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