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To See or Not to See

That truly IS the question!

When you drive, almost ALL the decisions you make are influenced by one thing, the ability to see clearly. Seeing clearly means that both your windshield wipers AND headlights have to do their job as well as possible. Your wipers need to keep the windshield clean and streak-free in order to what’s ahead of you. And your headlights need to illuminate your path at night far enough ahead of you so you have time to react.


We don’t see well at night. Our vision is severely curtailed by the dark. Headlights illuminate your path ahead, but can assist only so much with you peripheral vision around the vehicle. Dim, burnt out or broken headlights further reduce how far ahead you can see. The shorter the distance, the fewer seconds you may have to react to a sudden obstacle.

Just like the lights in your home, auto headlights will dim and/or burn out over time. Unless caused by an accident, headlights and/or capsules should be replaced in pairs as they’re likely to be the same age.


While headlights play a major role in nighttime driving, wipers need to work both day and night – especially during wet weather when vision may be obscured by water, road splash, sleet or snow on the windshield.

Unfortunately, many of us forget about our wiper blades UNTIL we need them. Many blades are cracked, split, torn, brittle, worn or otherwise in obvious need of replacement and when they’re needed is the wrong time to find that out.

We suggest replacing your wipers every six months, in the spring and fall.


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